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Knights of Black Swan 5. Gathering Storm.

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Knights of Black Swan 8. Vampire Hunter. Knights of Black Swan 9. Journey Man. Knights of Black Swan Black Dog. Black Swan Novel, Prince of Demons. Exiled 1. Exiled 2. Exiled 3.

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Hotblooded 1. New Scotia Pack 1, Shield Wolf. New Scotia Pack 2. Wolf Lover. New Scotia Pack 3. Fire Wolf.

Vampirism and Vampyrism

Witches of Wimberley 1. Witches of Wimberley 2. Witch Wants Forever. Two Princes. Read More. Like experiencing Black Swan for the first time! Choices always come with consequences. Sixt was a witch nursing a centuries-long grudge of a scorned woman.

Until her. By vdanann T September 22nd, Black Swan Series , Knights of Black Swan , paranormal romance , paranormal romance series , scifi romance , urban fantasy , Victoria Danann 3 Comments. The boys are all grown up and bursting at the seams looking for action.. Per se. Pull your shirt up so I can see. By vdanann T September 18th, Black Swan Series , Knights of Black Swan , paranormal romance , paranormal romance series , urban fantasy , vampire , vampire romance , Victoria Danann 10 Comments. Childe: A pejorative term for an inexperienced vampyre.

Clinical vampirism: Synonym for Renfield's Syndrome. Coming out of the Coffin: The process of revealing one's vampyrism condition to non-vampyres. This is analogous to gays and lesbians coming out of the closet, and Wiccans and other Neopagans coming out of their broom closet. Coven: A group of vampyres. Darkside a. Dark side : Synonym for nightside. Dayside: Mundane activities in the "real world. Donor: A person, usually a non-vampyre -- who freely volunteers their blood or life energy to be consumed by one or more vampyres.

Dhampyri: an individual who exhibited symptoms of vampyrism prior to puberty. The Dragon: Synonym for nightside. Elder: A person who has been active in the vampyre community. Embrace : A mythical process of converting a non-vampyre into a vampyre by having them ingest the blood of a vampyre. This concept frequently appears in vampire literature, but is foreign to the beliefs of vampyres. Energy signature: An individual's specific energy pattern which is uniquely theirs. This allegedly enables vampyres to recognize fellow vampyres.

Energy vampire: A vampire who obtains nourishment primarily or entirely by tapping into another person's prana or life force directly, without ingesting their blood. Excommunication: The act of excluding a vampyre from a coven or from the entire vampyre community. Feeding: An activity of vampyres in which they consume a donor's blood, or prana from a donor by other means, or elemental energy from nature.

Black Swan’s Benjamin Millepied Directs This Zombie/Ghoul/Vampire Dance Off

Fledgling : a recently awakened vampyre with little experience. Gaja: synonym for poser. Golden Circle: Individuals who form a vampyre coven. This typically includes black swans, vampyres, and kitra. Haematodipsia: Intense feeling of haematophilia. Haematomania: A strong psychological craving for blood.