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How Savings Can Complete Your Debt Solution
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According to wanderfilledlife travel blogger Grant Sinclair, from Woodstock, Georgia, an ideal way to make sure your financial affairs are in fine shape is to actively build money and credit management meetings into your vacation schedule. It should be a planned part of your trip. Then we will sit down comfortably together and go through all our bills and spending. Do it in a public park on a nice day!

What can ruin a fabulous trip fast? Fraudulent credit activity.

How to plan a vacation (and not hate yourself)

To stop a crook from opening loans and credit cards in your name, Truax recommends freezing your credit reports for the duration of your trip. Be sure you have enough borrowing power for your trip, though. If you need a higher limit, you will have to thaw your credit reports to get approved, which can cause a delay in having access to the extra funds. A survey from the electronic payment company ACI found that 56 percent of all bills are paid online, so chances are you are doing this, too.

You can arrange to have the minimum, a set sum, or the entire balance paid without you doing a thing, thus avoiding late fees, jacked-up interest rates and delinquencies that will hurt your credit rating. For protection, avoid free public Wi-Fi and stick to the much safer, password-protected networks offered at hotels and internet cafes.

Knowing that your rent or mortgage, utilities and insurance premiums are taken care of can be a huge relief. Most will happily oblige. Personal finance apps such as Mint will do the same. Using credit cards while on the road is a smart idea for many reasons, including valuable trip cancellation protections, but no one wants to return to a bunch of statements indicating overwhelming debt. In fact, you can charge any purchase with any credit card and then delete the balance with the funds in your checking account as long as you have password-protected internet access. Another tool is an app called Debitize , which deducts what you spend on credit card from your checking account immediately and pays the bill with the stored funds every week.

At home you probably know how much you spend on groceries, entertainment and transportation. The antidote: Download a travel specific budget tracking app to your smartphone.

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There is no downside. See related: Infographic: Breaking the budget to go on vacation , 5 dream vacations funded with rewards , Picking the right credit cards for around-the-world travel.

The Reason That Most People Don’t Pay off Debt

It can be tough to figure out which cards will be the best fit with your spending and lifestyle, but there are three main types you need in your wallet. Intro Offer: Discover will match all the cash back you've earned at the end of your first year, automatically. There's no signing up.

5 Tips to Get Out of Debt So You Can Travel More

As one of my children has special needs I am home with them and the budget is tight already so not alot of room for additional savings. Then i realized that i was doing good when i figured out it was stupid to pay for ice, i mean its ice!! We have 5k left on 58k. I have a very money savvy sister and once I finished grad school she looked at my financial situation and challenged me. Apply leverage. It really did something on another level for our marriage too! It was great while it lasted it put us in debt.

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Plan, Plan, Plan

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The tug of war between saving and paying debts grows old but it will never be gone. Instead of choosing between the two, financial experts are actually suggesting that you split your disposable income so you can satisfy both. Choose the right debt relief program. Try to avoid wasting money on a program that you cannot commit to. Use a debt relief calculator that will help decide which program is best for your unique financial need. You can use the IAPDA Consumer Debt Relief Options Calculator that will compare debt settlement, debt consolidation consumer credit counseling, bankruptcy and sticking to the minimum of your debts.

By using these tools, you should be able to check how much you will save on each debt solution. Make a budget. You will never go wrong when you have a budget and you have disciplined yourself to follow it. At the very least, your budget will let you plot where your limited income will go.

You can put high on the expenses list your savings and debt payments so you are sure to put aside money for both. Create saving goals. When you are trying to accomplish something, focusing on that goal will give you the motivation to put in money into your account.

It can point you towards the right direction when temptations start to make you think twice about saving. Make smart spending choices. In this consumerist society, you cannot avoid not to spend. To counter that, you just have to make smarter purchase decisions so you can save. Try to avoid wasting money on unnecessary things. Even if you can afford it, think about what you can do with that money when an opportunity comes knocking on your door.

Live below your means. As you struggle to pay off your debts and save at the same time, it will do you well to get used to living below your means. A frugal lifestyle may be a good idea at this point. Try not to make your life too miserable but at the same time, you have to think of more cost efficient ways to enjoy the things that you used to. Some people are discouraged by the seemingly small amount that they can put aside.

Don't Let High APR's Hold You Hostage

Regardless of how much you can put away, being consistent with it will soon grow your money into a respectable fund. Try not to think about the monthly amount but focus your eye on your goal and your growing reserve fund. Here is a video that you can watch to help you understand the benefits of saving and how you can get started on putting aside your money for better use in the future. National Debt Relief is one of the largest and best-rated debt settlement companies in the country.

In addition to providing excellent, 5-star services to our clients, we also focus on educating consumers across America on how to best manage their money. Our posts cover topics around personal finance, saving tips, and much more. Why your savings is crucial in debt relief Regardless of the debt relief program that you have chosen for yourself, you need to understand that your reserve fund can support your debt payments in ways that your income cannot. Ensures that you complete your debt relief program.