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This is why the Wilder Medal was established in the first place.

Constance Grady, the author of this piece is clearly a fan of the books, but she offers some very specific insights into the issues that arise when reading these works in a modern context. Tags: c. A good response, especially examining the change of wording for the award. Your email address will not be published.

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But tasks in hours of insight His father was Henry James — , a theological writer of great originality, from whom both he Books and Reading. When were the books written?

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About historical fiction What is historical fiction? Finally, a word from C. Lewis Every age has its own outlook. Four articles about Laura Ingalls Wilder, her work, and the name change These articles represent a range of perspectives and are well worth reading. They are also filled with racism. Significant : Important, notable, consequential. Integrity : The condition of having no part or element taken away or lacking undivided state; completeness. Soundness of moral principle. Anachronism : Something or someone out of harmony with the time.

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Why Use Online Resources? They did all kinds of chores together, like milking cows and making butter and cheese from the milk, planting gardens, butchering hogs and smoking the meat, making soft leather from deer hides, making sugar from maple sap, and gathering wild honey. Laura would recall all these things later in life in her writings. In the family moved to the Osage Indian Reserve in Kansas, where Laura remembered meeting Indians and witnessing cattle drives across the open plains. After a year, the family made a short return to Wisconsin before moving to Walnut Grove, Minnesota.

On the way, Laura saw her first train.


The family encountered hard times in Minnesota. Their crops were wiped out two years in a row by plagues of locusts that swarmed over the land and ate nearly every plant in sight. To make ends meet, the family moved to Burr Oak, Iowa, and ran a hotel before moving back to Walnut Grove. In order to make flour, they had to take turns grinding wheat in a coffee grinder. They also wound together tufts of hay very tightly, so they could burn it for heat. Charles had to string a clothesline between the house and the barn so he would not get lost in the snow.

Caroline was a former school teacher, and she made sure there was always something around the house for the girls to read, especially the Bible. Laura attended high school in DeSmet and stood out from her classmates as the best scholar.

Although she never graduated from high school—both because DeSmet did not have a full twelve-year education program and because she committed herself to fulltime teaching—Laura came away from school with a lifelong love of learning. In Laura got her first teaching job in a community near DeSmet. Almanzo Wilder gave her rides in a buggy to and from the school every week, and the two struck up a friendship.

Their relationship soon turned romantic and they were married on August 25, Aside from the birth of their daughter, Rose, in , the young couple was plagued by a series of disasters in their first four years of marriage. First, hail destroyed their wheat crop and then their barn burned, along with the grain and hay they stored in it. Next, both Laura and Almanzo contracted diphtheria, which left Almanzo partially paralyzed. He walked with a cane and struggled with poor health for the rest of his life.

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Then they lost two wheat crops to drought, which was followed by the death of their two-week-old son. Two weeks later, their house burned, along with most of their possessions. After short stints living in Minnesota and Florida, Laura and Almanzo moved back to DeSmet, where Laura worked as a dressmaker and Almanzo was a carpenter. They experienced more success there than in South Dakota, and lived in Missouri for the rest of their lives. Both Laura and Almanzo were famous in the area for their farming skills, and it was through her agricultural career that Laura got a start in writing.

In Laura wrote several articles about farm life for the Missouri Ruralist. By the time Rose was a young adult, she had become a successful professional writer under the name Rose Wilder Lane. In Almanzo and Laura lost most of their life savings in the stock market crash that signaled the beginning of the Great Depression of the s.

Rose helped support them on Rocky Ridge Farm.

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During this time, Laura wrote an autobiography that was never published. However, the publishers who reviewed it suggested she rewrite the story as fiction.

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Once Laura decided to take that advice, her famous Little House series was born. In rewriting her autobiography as fiction, Laura focused on her childhood, and wrote each volume about a specific time in her young life. Rose even published pioneer stories of her own.

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It received praise and critical acclaim, as did all of the following volumes in the series, which were published between and By the time the full series was published, Laura Ingalls Wilder had become a national celebrity. On October 23, , Almanzo died at the age of ninety-two. Before she died, Laura worked on a book based on the struggles of her early married life, but she never sought to have it published.

It was published in as The First Four Years. The commercial success of the Little House book series reached new heights during and after the s due to the success of Little House on the Prairie , a long-running television series loosely based on the books.

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Nearly all of the places where Laura Ingalls Wilder once lived are now National Historic Landmarks and have become tourist destinations. In Little House on the Prairie was honored on a stamp by the U. In her description of the American frontier, Laura Ingalls Wilder opened up a new frontier of imagination for American children. Today, schools and libraries around the country continue to rely on her writings to entertain students while teaching them about this important period in American history.

The following is a selected list of books, articles, and manuscripts about Laura Ingalls Wilder in the research centers of The State Historical Society of Missouri. All links will open in a new tab.

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Last Name. Time Period. Laura Ingalls Wilder Highsmith Archive]. This article, which appeared in the Jefferson City, Missouri, State Journal , June 5, , describes the ongoing problem with grasshoppers in the Midwest during the nineteenth century. The family tried to make a living on this land for much of the s. Ingalls home Ingalls home. By the late s, the Ingalls family moved off the homestead and into a home in De Smet.

By this time Laura and Almanzo were married and farming on their own.