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Imani's Gift (SOLD)

She is upset but her M'dear assures her that she should be nice Floyd Cooper was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He received a degree in fine arts from the University of Oklahoma.

After graduating, he worked as an artist for a major greeting card company. In , he came to New York City to pursue a career as an illustrator of books. The first book he illustrated was Grandpa's Face written by Eloise Greenfield.

Imani's Gift at Kwanzaa. Denise Burden-Patmon. It is a complex epic story rendered with sensitivity and emotional nuance.

That combination of vastness and particularity is spellbinding. And I also appreciate what it taught me about the history of Korean people in Japan. Are there any classic novels that you only recently read for the first time?

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He transformed my conceptions of both the political and psychological novel. Describe your ideal reading experience when, where, what, how.

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I love to read in a comfortable chair, sitting in front of an open window while it is raining, preferably torrential rain. The scent, the breeze and a book: a perfect combination.

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I find her style spare, eerie, symbolic to be such a distinctive companion to the subject matter race, assimilation, class, immigration. I am both made uncomfortable and wholly captivated by her writing and insights. What book should everybody read before the age of 21? It is specific to Nigeria yet has global implications.

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For a young person, it gives essential tools for analyzing and interpreting an unjust world. What book should nobody read until the age of 40? But there are some works that are difficult to fully grasp without having experienced deep heartbreak or major life disappointment. You recently wrote a biography of Lorraine Hansberry.

What writers do you see as her descendants today?

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Imani's Gift At Kwanza tells the story of how a Grandmother helps her grandchild understand Kwanzaa while braiding her hair- a typical ritual that many African. Imanis Gift at Kwanzaa [Denise Burden-Patmon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Kwanzaa celebration begins on December 26 and.

In terms of playwrights, Lynn Nottage and Kirsten Greenidge. Their work is masterful. I would venture to guess it is one of the handful of most widely taught books in African-American studies courses across the country. Do you prefer books that reach you emotionally, or intellectually?

Imanis Gift at Kwanzaa

Ideally, both. I think the best books unlatch something within, and that requires both intellectual provocation and emotional disarming. Adult male canaries learn a new song every year in order to attract mates. I love it. What moves you most in a work of literature? The feeling of astonishment, being knocked off kilter, is what makes me vulnerable as a reader.