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The Story of One Mediapreneur's Rise to the Top
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In fact, he had. He told agents he had no idea who leaked the material.

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In fact, he had authorized it himself. In subsequent interviews, McCabe was given multiple chances to correct his lies. Does that sound like a man who misunderstood a simple set of questions or miscommunicated what he did? Not even close. A lapse of memory?

Ironically, it is the grand jury testimony of former FBI lawyer Lisa Page that has allegedly given prosecutors pause in deciding whether to indict McCabe. According to the New York Times, Page testified that her one-time boss had no motive to lie.

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This is a clever feint. People lie with or without a motive.

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Moreover, motive is not a necessary element of proof in a criminal trial. His termination for dishonesty is only a fraction of the sordid story.

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Here, we give you all the tools and resources you need to become a top influencer. This year's panel features women who are first in their fields. By: Robert Walker. Where there are complaints, there are opportunities to improve the customer experience while also gaining internal efficiencies. Are you selling high-end luxury

With these insights, BlueCross is building a business case for mobile responsive website enhancements and mobile app development. But the company is careful not to build anything just for the sake of technology. BlueCross has brought the concept to life by keeping one customer login for all website interactions, re-writing letters in more simple language, and creating a master calendar of customer outreach to avoid over-communication and to align all lines of business.

The company also redesigned its call center performance scorecard, moving away from average handle time to focus on NPS, customer satisfaction, first call resolution, and other customer experience metrics.

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Customer insight leads the way Advanced customer insight is necessary when making these types of decisions. Voice of the customer is paramount to nearly every initiative, and BlueCross has won numerous awards for its programs.

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The company records and uses speech analytics for percent of the calls that come into its 10 call centers. The customer experience team also conducts focus groups to learn about customer needs. They want to know what the experience is like at certain offices, plus costs and benefits of different procedures so they can make informed decisions. As a result, BlueCross now publishes reviews of physicians on its website, based on member visits.

Members can review the physician as well as the facility.

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THE RISE TO THE TOP PODCAST interviews & more. A look behind-the-scenes (the good, bad, ugly and hilarious insanity) from my multiple 7-figure online. My Secret Mentor Revealed: Taking You Way Behind the Scenes of Our Accelerator Group Coaching Program with Scott Oldford – Episode #

The reviews are moderated to prevent the release of personal health information, but otherwise are freely posted. The physician is notified and can respond as well, which closes the loop for a more rewarding experience. No fluffy stuff here With so many new initiatives, it can be hard to prioritize. Whichard says that data will guide the way.

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Listen to the voice of the customer. Where there are complaints, there are opportunities to improve the customer experience while also gaining internal efficiencies.