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See also Flag Etiquette for all sorts of protocol and display questions. How to fold a flag Flags on Moving Vehicles How to install a flagpole How to make your flag last longer How to mount brackets on brick How to re-rope a flagpole How to retire rich How to rig a snaphook How to size a flag to a flagpole How to spot worn out halyard Regarding size recommendations of flags and poles. You need to pick a flag based on what your pole is engineered to withstand.

Only the manufacturer or supplier of the pole knows what the recommended size is for a certain model.

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Sign In Now. If the filament is very long, the stable stretched-out state disappears, leaving only the stable flapping state, but this behaviour remains mysterious. That's what flags do in a breeze when they're being flown properly, too, although if the breeze is brisk enough, they can be said to snap , which is a different assonance , though still coherent. So I guess I'm making something wrong. SusyQ SusyQ 19 1 1 bronze badge. Sign in here. For help writing a good word or phrase request, see: About single word requests " — Hellion, jimm If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help center , please edit the question.

We can only tell the recommended flag size for a pole we sell or can otherwise identify by model number and manufacturer. And even then, a recommended flag size does not mean that flags can be flown in all conditions without damage to the pole. When bad storms are expected you should remove your flags. If a pole is not known to us we have no way of knowing what size flag it can take and can make no particular recommendation.

It is not enough for us to know that you have a "really big" pole. Some companies like to tell you that a 30' pole takes a 5x8' flag or a 25' pole takes a 4x6' flag. I have never understood why anyone would rely on that kind of advice. Would that be a 30' pole with a 6" diameter, or a 30 pole with a 3" diameter? Is it a 30' modern commercial pole or is it an ancient home made 30' pole?

What is it made of? What is the wall thickness? What is the condition? See what we mean? Knowing a pole's height is not enough. We always suggest a smaller flag rather than a larger flag. Also know that heavy polyester flags are said to stress poles more than nylon flags especially when they are wet. Flying more than one flag on a pole increases the stress on it.

For the poles we sell, we will always tell what the recommended size is for a single flag. We will suggest that only one flag be put on a pole.

Not The Wind, Not The Flag

But knowing that many people will fly more than one flag on a pole tell them:. Decrease the size of your flags so as not to exceed the total square footage of flag load as recommended by the manufacturer. And if you get storms, remove your flags. The greater the flag load, the greater the chance that you can break your pole.

People sometimes ask us if a pole can break. We make the point that any pole can break. A common way I put it is to say:. If you get enough wind anything can break. Your house can blow down, telephone poles can break, big trees can break.

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If your car axle can break, your pole can break. We caution you to do whatever you can to protect your pole.

The main way you can do so is to fly the recommended flag size. Unless we know the exact model number of a pole we sell, we can not recommend a size. If someone tells us the size of their pole, we only say what is commonly flown on that size pole. Look at the charts on our flagpole pages and you will see what poles of ours take what size flags But we say at the same time that we do not know if your pole can take that size flag.

Flag sizes do not constitute a warranty that flags of the size shown may be safely flown in all winds.

Flag Wind vectors and photos - free graphic resources

Remember that wind gusts can be greater than a storm's prevailing winds. Flying greater flag loads or flying them in higher winds than rated may result in damage to the pole. Flags should be removed from any pole long before winds reach the wind speeds shown. We do not offer this as advice on what any given pole is meant to take. If we point out that a pole we sell, which you say is similar to the specs of your pole, takes a certain size, that does not mean that your pole takes that size. We don't know your pole. You do.

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We will supply you with any flag size you tell us. That is in no way to be understood that we endorse that size to be proper for your pole. It means that you are telling us it is the flag you say is fit for you to fly. Sometimes people return a flag and say we "sold them the wrong size.

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We point out our sizes, the customer chooses, and we hand them a flag. They pick. We supply. It is very common for people to greatly err on their own flag pole size. We've seen someone claim they have a 40' pole and have it turn out to be 15'! Yep, it happens.

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Also, people are often reluctant to simply measure the flag already flying on their pole. Instead they prefer to guess. Or they tell us what is a "proper" size for whatever they guess the height of their pole to be. We never tell them any "proper" size.

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Instead, we tell them all the above information. Unless we know your pole, we can not reliably tell you what the recommended flag size is. Everyone wants to know how long their flag will last. It is too location specific to know. Until you fly a given flag of a given size of a given fabric in a given location it is not possible to say.

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One man has a flagpole in both his front and back yard. He gets very different wear from each flag. If your neighbor's flag is all day in the sun and your flag is all day in the shade I bet your flag will last longer. Here's another example.

Take a look at these photos of two flagpoles on opposite street corners. Which flag gets more wind? Which flag will wear out sooner? Just telling me what state you live in still doesn't allow me to tell you how long your flag will last. It can depend on what side of the street your flag is on.

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Pick the right flag for the job. Some people fly a flag 10 times a year under the cover of a front porch. Some people fly the flag 24 hours a day on the New Jersey shore. Clearly, different people need flags of different ruggedness. Don't send a boy to do a man's job. Search: Search. Navigation nav. Flags Large Tough-Tex U.