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The Secret
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Cecily is enchanted when she meets photographer Rosalind, and soon longs to learn more about this art of the future and become a famous photographer herself. Believing Rosalind to be the perfect match for her widowed father, Cecily conspires to unite the pair, but her father's friend keeps spoiling her plans. Will Cecily's dreams ever come true?

Set in Victorian London, Girls behind the Camera is a beautifully crafted tale of hope and ambition. Cecily longs to learn the new art of photography and is determined that her widowed father will come to love it too, especially when she realises that her new friend and photographer, Rosalind, would be a perfect match for him.

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Will her dreams of uniting them ever come true? The second Historical House title from award-winning author, Adele Geras, this is a touching and beautifully crafted tale of hope and ambition, full of authentic historical detail and girl appeal. Stella-across-the-road is getting married - with a wonderful, romantic wedding. It's a dream come true for Jo, who is sure she and her sister Lily will be Stella's bridesmaids. But although the two girls look just like each other - like two peas in a pod - they are very different. Lily hates silly, frilly dresses and doesn't want to be a bridesmaid.

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Can both sisters find a way to enjoy the wedding? Peas in a Pod is the second tale about Jo and Lily. Also available is Chalk and Cheese. The peaceful town of Hamelin is overrun with rats: they are raiding larders, hiding in cupboards, sneaking into bed linen and driving the locals to despair. Desperate for help, they turn to the mysterious Pied Piper who promises a solution. But when the Piper falls out with the mayor, he takes away more than the townspeople ever expected.

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Nursing memoirs and fiction Bar one this is all nursing-related. I mean why such dark cloudy skies? That was why she was hurrying home, running to catch the evening train. See all awesomebooksusa has no other items for sale. Estimated between Thu. Patricia Salmon, aged 7. Click Download or Read Online button

A wonderfully vivid interpretation of the story, which tackles trust, pride and revenge. TreeTops Greatest Stories offers children some of the worlds best-loved tales in a collection of timeless classics. Top children's authors and talented illustrators work together to bring to life our literary heritage for a new generation, engaging and delighting children. The books are carefully levelled, making it easy to match every child to the right book.

Each book contains inside cover notes to help children explore the content, supporting their reading development. Teaching notes on Oxford Owl offer cross-curricular links and activities to support guided reading, writing, speaking and listening. While she was still trembling with the complete unexpectedness of what Aeneas had just said and done, he leaned forward a little and kissed her on the mouth. Just one swift, soft touch of his lips on hers and then he turned and walked away.

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Especially when two girls fall for the same man - one a queen, the other her serving girl. Elissa knows she is playing with fire, but she can't resist. Queen Dido suspects nothing, until one fateful night. Secrets are revealed, hearts are broken and as dawn breaks, a terrible tragedy unfolds.

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A passionate tale of love, betrayal and revenge. While Odysseus is slowly making his way home, overcoming terrible obstacles sent by the gods, his wife Penelope does not know whether he's alive or dead. How long will she be able to withstand the pressure of the numerous suitors who seek her hand and Ithaka - and will she remain as faithful as mythology states, or might she fall in love with one of them? Interspersed with wonderful verse retellings of Odysseus' adventures, this is a thrilling novel with a contemporary feel.

Nothing will ever be the same again for those caught up in the conflict. This collection of short stories explores how the First World War changed and shaped the lives of women forever. A courageous nurse risks her life at the Front Line; a young woman discovers independence and intrigue in wartime London; and a grief-stricken widow defends her homeland amidst the destruction of war. Through these and other tales, War Girls presents a moving portrait of loss and grief, and of hope overcoming terrible odds.

Read stories from Bianca, a girl who can make any party come to life; postcards from Auntie Varvara, a veggie vampire; poems from Marco, the invisible boy; and knitting patterns from Filomena, the granny who can see the future. The Fantoras are fantastic, phenomenal and a little bit freaky! There has never been a family quite like them before. This book was previously published by Oxford University Press. Chucklers is a series of funny novels, short stories, anthologies and comics that make reading a pleasure for year olds. There is something for everyone in this varied collection which is packed with fantastic illustrations.

Books contain inside cover notes to support children in their reading. Help with children's reading development also available at www. The series is written by top children's authors and edited by award-winning author Jeremy Strong. The books are finely levelled, making it easy to match every child to the right book.

The Tower Room: Loosely based on Rapunzel, this is the story of a sudden, unexpected, passionate relationship and the unforessen yet inevitable results of defying convention. When Megan glimpses Simon from her tower room, their worlds are changed forever. Watching the Roses: A modern version of Sleeping Beauty, this is a haunting tale of treachery and betrayal. An ill-wishing has been placed on Alice, and it seems to be coming true.

Pictures of the Night: A retelling of the Snow White fairytale, this is a thirlling story of jealousy and enchantment. Is Bella's stepmother really as wicked as she believes? Jack is trying to get his cat, Max, down from the top of a tree. But as a thunder storm hits, it is soon Jack who needs to be rescued. This dramatic narrative is written by award-winning author Adele Geras.

Here they formed a deep friendship, which would continue long after they left their enchanted world. But now Bella thinks her life is in danger.

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Is her stepmother really as wicked as she believes, or can imagination sometimes be more sinister than reality? When Mother says it's bedtime, Little Hare announces that he can't go to sleep until Mouse does, so his mother sings a lullaby for Mouse. Now available in paperback, this illustrated biography series combines non-fiction and fiction to introduce readers to famous historical characters. Each book begins with a diary, told from the point of view of a child who works for the famous person. At the end of each book there is an illustrated reference chapter.

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But Tony thinks ballet lessons are for wimps! She tries to raise the money for the tickets but it's all sold out! Can anyone help her? But they soon find out they have more in common than they thought Other Echoes is the delicate and sensitive story of a young woman's growing self-awareness after revisiting her past.

Flora is eighteen and recovering from an illness in the sanatorium at her boarding school. To while away the time, she starts to write down the story of her childhood - how at nine years old, she moved to Borneo with her parents, and encountered people and events shaped by the tragedies of the Second World War.

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In making sense of her own memories, Flora uncovers the ideas and emotions that make her the person she is today. Who can resist a goddess? The most famous war in history is brought to life through the eyes of two sisters. Marpessa is gifted with God-sight, Xanthe has the healing touch. But then Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, decides to play with their hearts Ithaka tells the story of the women left behind after the end of the Trojan War.

A story set on the brink of the Second World War. Germany in is a dangerous place for Jews. Clara and her little brother, Maxi, are leaving behind everything they know and going to England to live with a family they have never met. Will Clara and Maxi adapt to life in an English village, and will they ever see their parents again?