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Which, when translated from the curious lingo of pseudoscience -pushing quacks , means that people have been dumping countless amounts of money, time and effort into the hopeless and selfish belief that if they ask for it hard enough then the universe will magically grant them their every wish and desire. Still, it can't hurt to remind yourself every morning that whatever pain, hardship, or sorrow you suffer in your journey through life , it's all your own damn fault.

You've failed to attune yourself to the happy positive vibration that thrills through the universe. It's because of your unhappy thoughts; if you can't get rid of them, it's because you aren't trying hard enough. If only you redouble your effort to be happy, it might work this time; but you're too lazy and too much of a failure to ever make the grade.

Scholarly consensus has held that applying the theories of The Secret is about as effective as an air conditioner on Pluto does not yield any results besides frustration and depression. Fighting pseudoscience isn't free. Jump to: navigation , search. Hidden category: Articles with unsourced statements.

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The Secret

I sort of laughed at first and thought, "duh". I promised to listen to the whole book on CD, and as I listened, the connections between what the author is trying to communicate, and what many world religions try to communicate is huge. I am not a religious person. I found this book inspiring because I wasn't being told that God created the un I wasn't interested in reading this book. I found this book inspiring because I wasn't being told that God created the universe and that if I pray to Jesus that HE will take care of me.

Finally, I was getting a confirmation that if I live a positive life, and if I really attempt to understand the connection between why I am here, and why the world is here, then I can live a better life.

There are even segments of the book that answered all of my cynical questions such as, "then just focus all your thoughts on getting revenge to those you hate", "I didn't give myself this disease", and "I am a victim". Many folks think the whole book is bunk because it gives an air of personal responsibility, and I can see why they would hate that. It's so much easier to blame others. There are parts that I think are simplistic.

But who says life has to be all that complicated? Why not try living this secret to life for a year and see what's possible? I think I would have a hard time reading it. View all 20 comments. May 12, Shannon rated it did not like it Shelves: the-worst , reviewed. God, I am so sick of The Secret. I just can't understand why everyone is so enthralled with it. That book is at the top of every bestseller list and it's total crap.

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You're not going to get what you want by thinking about how much you want it. I mean, yes to positive thinking and all that, but the part they left out was that you actually have to DO something to make things happen. Jack Canfield whose involvement should turn you off automatically didn't really sit around staring at the ceiling God, I am so sick of The Secret. Jack Canfield whose involvement should turn you off automatically didn't really sit around staring at the ceiling waiting for a million dollars to fall out of the sky.

He sat around writing nauseating stories and then got rejected by a ton of publishers before someone who likes nauseating stories bought his book. Come on, guy. Now you're just making stuff up. Don't get me wrong, The Secret has some valid points. You should envision your dreams.


Eventually, I want to do something related to my field of study. Videos About This Book. But many, many people seem to like having their food made by someone else and brought to their home or workplace. I did not bring my horrid childhood upon myself by thinking negatively. If I had my way, I would burn every single copy of this book in the world. Well, I guess that's why this person is so insanely fat; she must believe that the food she eats has many calories and fat!

You should think about your goals constantly and imagine what you would do if you ever achieved them. But you should also think about and envision the steps you need to take to get there. Then you should act. Do something!

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OFFICIAL WEBSITE - Films, books, audio titles including The Secret, The Power of Henry's Imagination, Hero, The Magic, The Power, The Secret to Teen Power. THE SECRET - the book that changed the world, by Rhonda Byrne. Translated in 50+ languages. #1 on New York Times bestseller list.

The world is not just going to hand you what you want. Just a quick edit: I forgot to mention the absolute worst part of The Secret. It's your fault that bad things happen to you. That's right, your negative thoughts bring negativity into your life and cause horrible things to occur. Your father died in a tragic accident?

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Your fault. Your baby mama took off with the kids and won't let you see 'em? Laid off and can't find work? If you could just think positively all the time, you'd live a charmed life and trouble would never darken your doorstep. View all 3 comments. Jul 09, Matt Evans rated it did not like it. Excerpted from an online essay I wrote : To be sure, the so-called Secret represents a financially viable means to wealth, obviously so, but let's be clear: only for Rhonda Byrnes, The Secret DVD's producer and book's author.

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Thus, Byrnes would have you believe that the world's wealthy, distinguished and famous—every last luminous one of them—attained their high position by dint of simple adherence to a secret law: The Law of Attraction. She shits you not. Furthermore, they the world's rich, ce Excerpted from an online essay I wrote : To be sure, the so-called Secret represents a financially viable means to wealth, obviously so, but let's be clear: only for Rhonda Byrnes, The Secret DVD's producer and book's author. Furthermore, they the world's rich, celebrated, and leisured have all conspired to keep knowledge of this law from the rest of us.

Einstein, Plato, J. Morgan, Mozart, Sir Isaac Newton, Beethoven, and the Rockefellers, among others, are all given as examples of this mighty and mightily secretive Them. There are problems with this theory.

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For starters, the Law of Attraction isn't really a secret. Self-help books with a metaphysical bent have preached this stuff for centuries. I mean, just walk into your nearest New Age bookshop and pick up the first book you see; it will undoubtedly mention something about the Law. So is Byrnes lying to us? Not exactly.

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Harry Frankfurt, a Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at Princeton, puts it this way in his little book On Bullshit, "[The Bullshitter:] does not care whether the things he says describe reality correctly. He just picks them out, or makes them up, to suit his purpose" p. A liar, you see, at least recognizes the truth enough to know that he's departing from it; a bullshitter couldn't care less—just show her the money.

The Law of Attraction, then, is the bullshitter's belief that one can change the objective world alone by the power of thought—forget action; in fact, eschew action. If your belief is strong enough, says the Law, your dreams and desires will come to you much as a steel screw hops across a tabletop and slaps into a powerful magnet.

The Pseudoscience of 'The Secret'

This is the "As you sow, so shall ye reap" philosophy minus any actual sowing, a fairy dust notion that we all at one point in our lives have espoused: it's called magical thinking. We're supposed to outgrow it. When I was four years old I had an invisible friend named Kenny. His existence, such as it was, may or may not have originated in direct response to my sister Amanda's birth, an event which made me an oldest child instead of the only child in the family.

Unlike my busy mother, Kenny always paid attention to me and let me have my way. I loved Kenny.